Meet the

dog pack

Our Stray Dogs Club has a very entertaining bar called "The Shelter", where Frankie and his 8,000 friends live at will and chat about all their stories on the blockchain and how to help all the puppies that need them on the web3.0

Let's Howl together!

Hi Five Dog


Our stray dogs are made up of a variety of elements such as expressions, eyes, accessories and much more. We have created this collection with a lot of love and especially thinking of helping the foundations that participate in this initiative, where we will all make a better world for street dogs.







After the sale of the collection we will begin to design a special edition where you will be able to find skins and new elements for Frankie and his friends, we will follow everything according to the marketing plan and thus raise funds for the participating foundations.

If you get to be among the first 1,000 people in our official Discord you can receive early access and special price before our public sale, in addition to being considered one of our founders in #SDC

The Shelter

Place where the herd lives together and tell stories of golden years, - We suspect that only barking is heard -

Play with Frankie in AR app

Each element has been created with a lot of love and dedication

Stay trendy - Stay Howling
Caps, Hoddies, T-shirts

Leaderboard game contest, trivias, ~this will be furry madness~



- We free the herd, Join our Discord and let's make a happy home for Frankie and his friends. There will be many prizes for the most active people in the community. Follow us on our official channels and let's grow with the pack.


- Walk with the Herd, and in the activities to be carried out meet the founders of the NGOs that participate in this project, in addition to the partners that are part of #SDC and the rewards to be obtained at each stage of the marketing plan. ;)


- Let’s Play, at this point we will be working very hard to launch our AR APP and you can have fun with Frankie and his friends everywhere


At this stage we can organize a large-scale adventure where you can get to know our country and one of the most beautiful places on the planet considered one of the wonders of the world, how can you do it? participating in our contests and staying active in our discord room.


- Epic Dogs, Epic Merch, Epic Playlist more flurry, beer , and all the crazy things we can do in the club. Follow the hairiest list of music on spotify, You want to join the beat? write to us at and let's take the pump to the top!


- Events and first class travel, How can an NFT be used to access events and pleasure trips? the beauty of blockchain technology allows it. If you are one of the buyers and holders of #SDC NFT you can participate in events and contests that our partners will offer as a reward for loyalty in the StrayDogsClub community


As a final project we want to buy a metaverse land on the most relevant platforms of the moment and be able to create a total and immersive StrayDogsClub experience.

If we reach the total sale, the community will be able to play interactively:

Dart Games.
Listen to your favorite spotify playlist.
Play with the Harley Davidson, switch the engine.
Play in the arcade machine.
Billiards vs other players.
Learn to prepare your favorite cocktails with a very special bartender.
Write on our special guest board (the love of your life may be here).
Play Chekers.
Play Poker.

The immersive experience will be designed with the StrayDogsClub community since we need many hands to help us improve the lives of abandoned dogs and thus bring this social initiative to other countries and the club is bigger.

The Team   

A high-level creative NFT made with love by the SDC, which you can participe in the MetaClub with the puppy-loving influencers and thus physically support in the different shelters.

Andrés Tipán
CEO Seafortune
MKT Especialist

Javier Rivera
CEO Seafortune
Business Management

Rubén Navarrete

Ricardo Díaz
3D Designer

Ricardo Echeverry
Ilustration / Concept art

Tiffany Cedeño
Social media
Community Manager

Unai Moy
Discord CM

Ana Luisa Roldán

Dr. Juan Tamayo

Michael Tapia
Cripto Investor

Boris Sánchez
Cripto Investor

We are a group of technology enthusiasts, blockchain researchers, artists, and above all: animal lovers.

We support the following NGO’s